Lavranja was founded by two mothers: Lavra in Anja. We both have 3 children between 2 and 11 years.

When our firstborns were babies we were trying to find out which shoes to choose, so that they would support healthy and right development of child. WE lways were trying to find shoes, which were soft and wide. When we find out about barefoot shoes, our mobile phone was running hot, because we were planning to buy our first child barefoot shoes. Out of our planning and studying we founded Lavranja.

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Barefoot shoes are those that allow the feet to move naturally, as close as possible to walking barefoot. Barefoot shoes have the following characteristics:

Barefoot shoes have the following characteristics:

ZERO-DROP – the sole is perfectly flat , with the heel at the same height as the ball of the foot. Raising the heel throws off the alignment of the spine, and forces an unnatural heel strike.

FLEXIBILITY – they have a highly flexible sole, allowing the feet to move unrestricted, in order to become stronger. By comparison, in a stiff shoe, the soles hardly bend, and this eventually leads to muscle atrophy and pain.

THIN SOLE – the thinner the sole of the shoe, the more information our brain can receive through the neurotransmitters located in our feet. This is essential for optimal proprioception (our body’s awareness of its own position and movement), perfect balance and finding the best posture depending on the type of surface you’re stepping on.

WIDE TOE BOX – plenty of room for the toes. The more space the toes have to splay, the better the overall body weight distribution and posture. The role of the big toe is very important, as it supports the whole body. Try a simple exercise: do a few pushups supported by your hands, with your fingers closed in a tight fist – you’ll notice that it takes a lot more effort and your body position will feel unnatural.

ZERO SUPPORT – no orthopedic support recommended. Barefoot shoes have no arch support, no shock-absorbent cushionings or other market innovations. If supported and unnable to move naturally, muscles gradually lose strength, and this leads to painful and weakened feet.

NO STIFFENERS – shoes made from a stiff material that doesn’t mould to the feet, won’t allow them to move freely. It is best for the shoe to mould to the shape of the foot and not the other way around. This is the reason why barefoot shoes are made from soft and flexible materials, without cardboard or plastic stiffeners to preserve their shape over time.


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To ensure the quality of the products, we also wear them ourselves. Before selling a new supplier of barefoot shoes, footwear tests will be conducted and the results will be shared.

Anja Pintar

Anja PintarLavranja

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Without urgency, a barefoot shoe cannot be put on.